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Czujnik Halla

2,10  netto + 23%VAT

Dynamic Differential Hall Effect Sensor

PDF datasheet: TLE4926CHT

TLE4926C is an active Hall sensor suited to detect the motion and position of ferromagnetic and permanent magnet structures. An additional self-calibration module has been implemented to achieve optimum accuracy during normal running operation. It comes in a three-pin package for the supply voltage and an open drain output. The XENSIV(TM) differential Hall sensor IC detects the motion and position of ferromagnetic and permanent magnet structures by measuring the differential flux density of the magnetic field. To detect ferromagnetic objects the magnetic field must be provided by a back biasing permanent magnet (south or north pole of the magnet attached to the rear unmarked side of the IC package).

Summary of Features

  • High sensitivity
  • Single chip solution
  • Symmetrical thresholds
  • High resistance to Piezo effects
  • Advanced performance by dynamic self calibration principle
  • South and north pole pre-induction possible
  • 1Hz low cut-off frequency
  • Digital output signal
  • Two-wire and three-wire configuration possible
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Fast start-up time
  • Large operating airgaps
  • Reverse voltage protection at Vs- PIN
  • Short- circuit and over temperature protection of output
  • No external filter capacitor required
  • Digital output signal (voltage interface)
  • Module style package with two integrated capacitors:
  • 4.7nF between Q and GND
  • 47nF1 between VS and GND: Needed for micro cuts in power suply
  • High temperature profile
  • Package: PG-SSO-3-91 with nickel plating instead of standard 100% Sn plating
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