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Slide background locking system

Locking System

Speed sensor

sliding roofs

Sliding Roof

window crank

Window Crank

seat adjust

Seat Adjustment

beam adjust

Beam Adjustment

cam shaft

Crankshaft Sensor


of polymer

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About us


EVITRON is a renowned producer of Polymer Bonded Magnets (PBMs) and plastic components. We also specialize in products and all technologies related to the production of products by injection moulding and machining. Our flagship products are multipolar magnetic rings. The magnets manufactured by us are used in all kinds of angle and rotation sensors, small drives as well as drive control devices. Our offer also includes metalworking services performed in our tool shop, injection moulding of plastic parts, production of magnetic compounds and performing magnetic simulations.

Our clients’ satisfaction is the most important matter for us, that is why we make every effort to ensure that orders are processed quickly and the offered goods are of the highest quality. Thanks to our professionals who are always welcome to give advice, shopping in our online store becomes a pure pleasure.


In case of any questions or concerns, please contact us via the contact form at the email address or by phone at +48 797702300.


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