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Slide background locking system

Locking System

Speed sensor

sliding roofs

Sliding Roof

window crank

Window Crank

seat adjust

Seat Adjustment

beam adjust

Beam Adjustment

cam shaft

Crankshaft Sensor


of polymer

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Frequent Questions 

Below are the answers we have prepared to the most frequently asked questions regarding shopping in our store.

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How to check product availability?
How to check the status of your order?
How long will I wait for the package?
What forms of delivery are there?
How much will I pay for the shipment?
How to pay for the order?
Can I pick up the order personally?
What are discount coupons?
What is the luggage room?
Can I get a VAT invoice?
How can I change my order?
I placed an incorrect order. How to cancel them?
Where is my package?
Do the products sold have a warranty?
I have a problem with the ordered product. What now?
Can I return the purchased product?

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