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Slide background locking system

Locking System

Speed sensor

sliding roofs

Sliding Roof

window crank

Window Crank

seat adjust

Seat Adjustment

beam adjust

Beam Adjustment

cam shaft

Crankshaft Sensor


of polymer

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Lead Time

   Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email confirming your order and a link to click on. After receiving the order acceptance, we start its implementation and you will be informed about the progress of our work. Package receipt date = shipping date + delivery time. The delivery date depends on the availability of products and the chosen payment method, while the delivery time depends on the chosen delivery method.

Product availability
 There is a time limit next to each product that describes when products can be shipped by us – from 24 hours to sometimes even several days (in the case of products that are difficult to access). We make every effort to ensure that the offer presented on the site corresponds to the actual inventory, but it may happen that the actual delivery time will be longer – we will inform you immediately. If you order a larger number of products, the shipping time of the entire order is matched to the product with the longest delivery time. You can complete the order in stages – to do this, contact us or enter the appropriate annotation in the notes to the order.

Payment method
Electronic payment – the most convenient and very fast way of order processing. During business hours, funds to our account will usually be transferred immediately. Payment by bank transfer – the duration of the order depends on the time of payment. Depending on the bank, it usually takes up to two business days. Payment on delivery – the fastest form of payment enabling immediate order processing. Please note that it is also charged with additional delivery costs.  »payment method

Form of delivery
A courier company allows you to deliver an order usually within 1-2 business days of posting. Polish Post usually delivers shipments within declared 2 business days by priority mail or 3-5 days by economic mail.

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